Welcome to Power Nodes

Jan 15, 2022


Your most Powerful Defi High-Yield Reward generator

Understanding the Power Node Protocol.

To take advantage of the Power Node protocol, you need to hold an amount of POWER token which will be used in creating a node. What this means:

Buying $POWER and creating your first node.

POWER is launched on fantom network and we made this decision to help noders avoid the high gas price in the etherium network.

To buy $POWER kindly follow this simple steps:

​🚏Step 1: Visit Spookyswap and buy $POWER

​🚏Step 2: Visit our web app and create a node with $POWER token

It is that simple.

Please note: You can create nodes on different tiers at different costs and there’s no limit to how many nodes you can create.

Rewards will be distributed in proportion to the number of nodes you created.




Bringing $POWER back to the people. Based on the Fantom network.