Your most Powerful Defi High-Yield Reward generator

Understanding the Power Node Protocol.

To take advantage of the Power Node protocol, you need to hold an amount of POWER token which will be used in creating a node. What this means:

This guide will show you how to add Power nodes RPC to Metamask. Fantom Network is an open-source framework that enables the creation of decentralised apps. With a throughput of 20000 TPS and a transaction time of 1 second. The system is ideal for high-volume transactions. Providing a comparable and…

Power Nodes: knowledge is Power

As we gladly announce the debut of the Power Nodes protocol, you will have power to control yields across several chains.

The Power Nodes protocol was created with the goal of providing its users with high, steady, passive, and consistent yields.

Power Nodes. aims to…


Bringing $POWER back to the people. Based on the Fantom network.

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